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Save money by insulating

Free home insulation
UK residents responsible for paying gas and electric will know that fuel prices have risen sharply over the last couple of years, there are a growing number of us, especially those on low-income, known to be living in 'fuel poverty'...this is when you cannot afford to adequately heat your home. The bad news is that fuel prices are more than likely going to carry on rising and more and more of us will fall in to fuel poverty...

On the plus side however there are things we can do to prevent unnecessary heat lost, and wasting energy and money!

Obvious measures include changing our heating habits by decreasing the temperature at which we heat homes (typically 21°C is regarded as a comfortable temperature for our homes to be heated to). Other measures;
    • Only boiling the amount of water we require;
    • Boiling water in the kettle first before cooking with it;
    • Switching appliances off standby;
    • Swapping standard light bulbs for low energy ones,
    • Switching off lights and appliances that aren't in use,
    • Generally being more energy conscious.

The most significant savings can be made by ensuring our homes are insulated sufficiently. Statistics suggest that over a million homes in the UK still don't have sufficient loft or wall insulation, or simply don't have any at all!...a staggering 35% is lost through uninsulated heat loss walls, and 25% through uninsulated or under-insulated lofts...that's 60% of a homes heat lost unnecessarily, a typical household loss of £300 per year...that's a weekend break!

Free loft insulation
Loft insulation

The current regulations suggest that 270mm is the recommended depth for loft insulation, and anything below 150mm should be sufficiently topped up.

Cavity wall insulation

The recommendation for this is simple! if your home has cavities that aren't insulated, and can be then they should be!

External, and Internal Wall Insulation (EWI / IWI)

This type of wall insulation is recommended for properties which don't have cavities and aren't already insulated such as solid brick, or timber framed properties.

    • External Wall Insulation (EWI) is a type of insulation which is applied to the exterior heat loss walls of a property, as opposed to Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) which is applied to the internal heat loss walls.
Free cavity wall insulation

How can I get cavity wall or loft insulation for my home?

A technical survey takes about 30 minutes and involves checking your homes walls to verify whether the cavities have been filled or not, and looking in the loft. Then depending on your circumstances you may either be entitled to free, or subsidized insulation, or alternatively I can provide an installation quote.

Solar Panels & Renewable Energy Measures

With the imminent increase in the price of conventional fossil fueled energy, and taking inflation into account, solar panels, biomass boilers, heat pumps and other renewable energy measures are still regarded as some of the best investments available, and with technological advancements and reduction in production costs are certainly worth considering.

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